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How to Beat Casino Slots: Cheats vs Strategy

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Gambling has been offering people multiple opportunities to win money from uncertain outcomes. Though many games have created massive waves in the market, none like the slot machines. Of all the casino games, slots have garnered a mammoth fanbase due to the simplistic approach. Even beginners have a chance of winning money from the games, unlike in the tables games that require prior experience. Beating the system is the hard part in slot games, and people have been continuously trying to do it with all the tricks they have.

You are likely to lose more often than you will win because the outcomes are completely random. Playing slots isn’t stressful as long as you bear this point in mind and play accordingly. Those who want to beat the odds will spend more time and money on finding the weak points of the machine. Doing this all your life will exhaust much of your funds. It is better to have proper strategies or tricks in order to beat the machine. Let us look at the various cheats and strategies used in beating casino slots.

The Cheats

Everything about slot machines is unpredictable. Since the RNG works to create random combinations on the reels, you will have no clue as to where the symbols are going to land, making it impossible for you to cheat the system. However, the outcomes of traditional slot games and fruit machines can be turned in your favour with the following cheats.

·       Fake Coins

If you have been playing slots for some time now, you might be aware of the fake coins. It is a technique used to counterfeit the original coins with some other material to make the machine accept each time you deposit it. When the machine has been tricked into thinking that a real coin is inserted, you get to play the game for free.

·       Yoyo Coins

This is another cheat with a coin attached to a piece of string. After inserting it in the machine and the reels are activated, you can pull the coin out. Modern machines cannot be tricked with these coins.

·       Cheating the RNG

As mentioned earlier, cheating modern machines is almost impossible because of the random number generating system. Certain devices can be used to manipulate the RNG, giving out more money through the desired symbols. Since this is illegal, it is best not to attempt it.

The Strategies

The majority of the gamblers might be uncomfortable cheating the machine. Though the guilt takes over in advance in such cases, people also want to win from the games. Strategies play an important role in these situations, where players want to earn money from the machines without cheating the system. Choosing games with high RTPs will help you gain a better position in the game. Make sure to use all the welcome bonuses to earn more from the games you play on these platforms. The longer you play, the higher are the chances of winning.

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