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Olivier Pichard Olivier Pichard
Screenplay, background art, programming

Olivier Pichard is a French comics artist.
There’s always a watercolor box in his bag and his travel sketches are
the main inspiration for his art.

Cecile BrunCécile Brun
Characters, animations, music

Cécile Brun is a French comics artist.
She has studied Japanese and she’s endlessly trying her hand at new
artistic techniques.

Ryoko KokubaRyoko Kokuba
Japanese translation

Ryoko Kokuba was born in Okinawa and currently lives in Paris.
She aims to promote Okinawan culture through artworks inspired by her
beloved island.

Josh TierneyJosh Tierney
English Translation

Josh Tierney is a Canadian comics writer.
He is the author of Spera, a collaborative comic book illustrated by artists
from around the world.