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The Coral Cave is a 2D point-and-click adventure game.
The characters and backgrounds are painted in watercolor and hand-animated on paper.



Developer: Atelier Sentô
Genre: point-and-click
Platform: windows
Release date: TBA


Mizuka, a little Japanese girl, lives on a small remote island, in the Okinawa archipelago.
One night, she has a strange dream. When she wakes up, a terrible danger is threatening the island.
Mizuka must explore the surroundings and enter a mysterious spirit world in order to save her village.


The Coral Cave is a point-and-click. You will have to observe the background to interact with it and go further in the story. Mizuka can put little things in her her bag if she thinks it is beautiful or funny and use them to solve mysteries. We want the game to be accessible to anyone, even the uninitiated. You will only need to use the mouse and to be observant. We hope the game can become like an invitation to pay more attention to our environment.


A true watercolour game: Everything you see on the screen was painted with watercolours then scanned to be putted in the game soft. Every animated details like fishes in the sea are also handmade and watercolour drawn.

Inspired by our travels: The story and the backgrounds are inspired by our numerous stays in Japan and a travel in Okinawa. We drew many watercolour sketches on location. We walked along the countrysides and met many peoples. Mizuka, the main character, is inspired by two Japanese girls we know very well.

A poetic Story and atmosphere: The Coral Cave takes place on an imaginary island where there is no limit between spirit world and reality. The story and the music are inspired by children imagination, dreams and fears.




koko ha blabla desu !


Olivier Pichard
Background art, programming, story, game design

Cécile Brun
Character design and animation, music

Ryoko Kokuba
Japanese translation

Josh Tierney
English translation


"The Coral Cave's dreamy, watercolor world inspires childhood fantasy"
Kill Screen

"After being teased with some stylish hand-painted watercolor screenshots of The Coral Cave,
adventure fans will want to keep a close eye on Atelier Sentô's surreal Okinawa island-based title "
Adventure Gamers

"There will be puzzles to complete, including collecting pieces of coral to insert into a large golden disc,
interacting with machinery, and exploring the debris of the coastal village and its gloriously picturesque beach.


"『The Coral Cave』手描きの水彩画アニメーションで沖縄の自然が描かれる、瑞々しく幻想的なアドベンチャーゲーム"


Indie Game Contest, FEFFS, first price :golden Octopix